Double Glazing Repair

Surface cleaning / jet washing in the South East
Cladding cleaning in the South East
Cladding cleaning in the South East

What is failed double glazing?

Have you noticed a build-up of condensation within your double glazed windows or are they visibly cloudy or misted over? These are the vital signs of failed double glazing.

When condensation exists between the panes of glass, this can affect a number of elements, such as reducing the performance of your double glazing and impinging of the views from your windows.

Failed double glazing is often seen as an unnecessary job, something that can wait. However, with rocketing energy prices and unpredictable weather in the UK, it is a simple and easy way to help reduce heat loss throughout your home. and also reduces damp penetration

If you do have failed double glazing, you could be missing out on the benefits:
– Loss of warm air
– Less condensation
– Reduces energy usage
– Reduction in sound intrusion
– Damp problems
– Aesthetics of your home, as well as being more appealing to house buyers

We only replace the glass within your double glazed unit, and not the entire frame. Our unique technique means we can save you both time and money